1. I got an email from you saying “email processing.” What should I do?

You just need to reply to this email to confirm the order so we can begin processing it. If you don't reply within 12 hours, we will begin processing your order to ensure on time delivery.

2. Can I order a color swatch?

Yes. Please contact our customer service representatives for assistance.

3. I like a dress, do you have any more pictures of it? Perhaps in different colors?

We can’t guarantee that we have more pictures, but feel free to contact us directly and we will look.

4. Some dresses are very low in price. Can you guarantee their quality?

We have our own factory, so there’s no middleman. If you purchase a dress from us, we make it and ship it to you.

5. Does the quality differ between normal and rush orders?

The delivery time has no affect on the quality of your order. The processing is the same, you just move up the que