About Us


We appreciate your visit at GBdress.com. Here you will find dresses of various styles and colors for prices lower than you could imagine. GBdress.com specializes in designing and producing high quality wedding dresses in various styles, special occasion dresses, shoes, bags, jewelry and wedding accessories. All our products are first-class, beautiful, modern and high quality. We do both retail and wholesale business. All our products are manufactured in our company owned and operated factories.

Our Story

GBdress.com is a global online wedding dress designer and retailer that wants to join you (and girls around the world) for the most unforgettable and exciting day you will ever have. Our central department is located in the United States, surrounded by an atmosphere of elegance and classicality. We hope we will pass on our happiness and luck to everyone we touch.

No matter who or where you are, when you do meet your Mr. Right, we will be here to help you refresh your look. We look forward to hearing your good news.

Of course, we also offer dresses for other occasions such as graduations and homecomings, and we are happy to accompany you any time you to add glamor to your dress. Our goods are so fantastic that you won’t be able to purchase just one dress-you’ll need an entire collection. The money you save by using our free shipping means that you don’t have to settle on one dress-you can buy a bunch!